Why we need accessibility Whangarei

This is going to be a tough test of Accessibility in Whangarei, In general accessibility in Whangarei is excellent, at least in the areas I have visited. As I said this will be a tough test, the reason it will be tough is because I personally use a mobility scooter not a wheelchair, I see far more mobility scooters than wheelchairs in Whangarei, it is currently 2017, to my knowledge new buildings have to meet the building standards written and released in 1992. These standards allow for wheelchair access only

To my knowledge the building code we follow in regards to disability access was written in 1992 and has had little change, in that time over the last 25 years mobility devices available to and used by the disabled and less able people have changed dramatically wheelchairs have become much better designed able to turn on a dime and well suited to in house or outside.

But because wheelchairs need to be ultra stable they tend to be heavy and most have very small wheels, most are unsuited to any longer distance trips especially in Whangarei because we have such high curbs and driveway entrances our footpaths in places are rough.

Accessible clock museum
Mobility scooter friendly walking tracks
Accessible walkway Onerahi

My research tells me the first mobility scooter introduced into New Zealand was the "Benefis Traveller made in Christchurch New Zealand 1979"

Its Whangarei 2017 Whangarei has a lot of almost flat land

Our facilities such as The Hatea Loop and the extension to Onerahi are fantastic for mobility scooter users. The Hub and the CBD the shopping centres the supermarkets, the reason accessibility in Whangarei is so very good for mobility scooters is because it is mostly ground level, but when a building is designed and consented it does not require mobility scooter access, even through mobility scooters have been here from 1979 and far outnumber wheelchairs

I feel a need to point this out to the pen pushers making the rules, because they just can not see into the future it is 2017 not 1992, a perfect example of this is the WDC brochure on accessibility where they list all their wheelchair accessible facilities, and we have many good facilities.

But wheelchair accessible not mobility scooter accessible, the main photo on the brochure clearly shows a person on a mobility scooter, but the access requirements do not include mobility scooters, so why if we are to be excluded do they then use that photo because that person is unlikely to be able to access many facilities.

So to state the obvious the penpushers see a wheelchair but then present a photo of a mobility scooter, is it possible they do not understand the difference. So they are in effect out of touch of the reality that mobility scooter users outnumber wheelchairs and mobility scooters are very suitable for outdoor use many like my own have a range of 40 kilometres or more.

Footbridge Hatea Loop
At the hub Whangarei fully accessible
Artisans Fair Canopy Bridge Whangarei


I dropped into Northable the other day for a chat, the lady there asked what I had been doing, I replied I had just been to see ACC Whangarei, see looked at me sitting on my mobility scooter smiled and said "and you can't get in can you, she is right ACC is wheelchair accessible not mobility scooter accessible, why did the northable lady bring that up, because others have also found themselves excluded from the ACC building.

That has really got my attention, if some places are inaccessible I won't shop there not really a huge deal, but Accident Compensation Corporation Whangarei you are a provider, it would be likely that many of your customers may need mobility aids such as mobility scooters you must fund lots of them, you need to do better with your accessibility, you need a scooter lift, no not a wheelchair lift, a scooter lift. From now and for ever onwards you will get more people arriving on mobility scooters than you will wheelchairs. think long term this website is made and dated 06/2017 how many years do you think you will continue to deny access to mobility scooter users.

Great walks in Whangarei

Great walks in Whangarei the Hatea Loop 4.2 K which loops around both sides of the Hatea River

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I am a long-term disabled person one that tears down barriers that block many of us, Whangarei needs me. I see things that others don't.

Accessible walkway

Fully accessible walkway extends to Onerahi great quality excellent for mobility scooters.