Hello it has now been 20 days without hearing from you, I repeat my complaint is well founded and very well documented on line, the delay is ridiculous. My visits to the hospital have been over a shoulder injury which I need an operation for. I am long term over 85% disabled.

I have now been told by the doctors that they are unable to give me that operation because my airway is reconstructed and the hospital doctors do not believe any operation is going to be safe I cannot be  anaesthetised at all neither local or general, any injury I get which requires any surgery even if minor will be life threating to me. So If I get run over because I am forced onto the roadway within hospital grounds the outcome is not likely to be good

Yet despite the obvious danger this unsafe carpark puts me in it seems impossible to get any action, what is wrong with these people.

All my correspondence with you will be published with names removed.

Let’s get onto this look at the photos how can nobody see the issue

LOOK AT THE PHOTOS and tell me there’s not a problem


Please reply ASAP now the 29-08-2017

Glen McMillan