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Accessible Whangarei I use a mobility scooter and a wheelchair, on this site I will explore on wheels using mostly footpaths around Whangarei.

Street Art Whangarei

Town Basin Whangarei

A Few Words​

Street Art

I get around the Hatea loop the town basin and CBD there is a lot of good quality street art decorating the sides of buildings I think this is a good thing.

Much better than plan-painted walls. And there are some very skilled street art artists.

I think street art helps brighten our city.

Whangarei Love it up here​

Latest Reviews​

"Great city, friendly helpful people visit the right places and enjoy."

Playgrounds are explored here.

Glen McMillan

"Camera Obscura Whangarei"
This interactive sculptural structure, looking at Whangarei's award-winning Te Matau ā Pohe Bascule Bridge and sited on The Hatea Loop

Camera Obscura Whangarei

Glen McMillan

"Town basin park features an amphitheatre to hold community concerts, markets, and events, a great lawn for people to gather and relax, terraced waterfront seating, trees for shade, and illuminated water jets for park users to splash around in during summer."

Town Basin Whangarei

Glen McMillan

"Events in Whangarei lots of things happen in our city I will post about an event I attend as it happens."

Glen McMillan

Town Basin

Cafés, art gallery, playgrounds

Whangarei CBD

Cafés shops cinema library

Whangarei Falls

Waterfalls walkways

Our Beaches

Clean and safe to swim

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