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Accessible Whangarei I use a mobility scooter and a wheelchair, on this site I will explore on wheels using mostly footpaths around Whangarei.

Reyburn House

Reyburn House Art Gallery Northland

A Few Words​

Reyburn House

Reyburn house is a category two historic building near the town basin in Whangarei the building is owned by a trust and is used as an art gallery. This building is wheelchair accessible.

I enjoy my visits here I stop in often. There is a concrete path that goes around the building, Proud to say I got this path built as part of my advocacy work.

Below is an image gallery. cameras are not allowed normally but because I am making this website and in doing so promoting Reyburn house I was allowed to take photos, but no close-ups of the artwork.

This website is about the best places to visit particularly if you have some mobility issues if I talk about accessibility for my wheelchair I am referring to seating tables and general access I rarely need to use toilets at these places, so my comments on accessibility do not include toilets within premises.

However in many areas council supplied accessible toilets are not far away, this includes the town basin and CBD in Whangarei.

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