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Accessible Whangarei I use a mobility scooter and a wheelchair, on this site I will explore on wheels using mostly footpaths around Whangarei.

Pohe Island Facilities

A Few Words​

Pohe Island Facilities

In Whangarei, we are in lockdown level 2 at this time because of Covid 19 I have been exploring in my wheelchair and taken my dog for a good walk.

Not far from where I live is Pohe Island Whangarei a large amount of really good development is happening in this area really Whangarei has some excellent facilities.

Northland Rugby is moving to Pohe Island the new clubrooms are being built, I decided to have a look, just a couple of men on the field kicking balls and running otherwise nobody else there so I explored well and I was really impressed ramps and wooden decks surround the building I took photos, see below.

The ramps the deck the opportunities disabled people will get to watch the game huge. I hope we the public are allowed to view from the decks.

Pohe Island is a hive of activity and is becoming a really great community hub, newly opened sports grounds skate park, upgraded BMX track the Camera Obscura new parking clubrooms just so much I could be writing for a long time. 

This Website Accessible Whangarei

This website is about the best places to visit in Whangarei and greater Northland particularly if you have some mobility issues.
if I talk about wheelchair accessibility I am referring to shopping aisle width, general accessibility, and or seating tables and access.

I rarely need to use toilets at these places, so my comments on accessibility do not include toilets within the premises.

However in many areas council supplied accessible toilets are not far away, this includes the town basin and CBD in Whangarei.

You do not have to have accessibility issues to benefit from the information that can be found on this website.

We are about supporting local businesses making it easy to find contact details and website links to the best places to visit in Whangarei and Northland all in one accessible spot on a crowded internet.

Are you a local business do you believe your shop or business is wheelchair accessible. Do you want to be listed on this site email me the link is below

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