Marinas in Northland

Whangarei Marina

Berth your boat in Whangarei Harbour's unique marina right in the centre of town.

Hop off the boat and straight away you are at the hub get coffee and a meal or cool beer at one of the quayside restaurants and cafes. within easy walking, we have swimming baths and fitness centre. Take a long walk through one of the many picturesque native forest walks. The children will love the huge playground. Just a block or so away is also the shopping district, movie theatre, medical and dental services, internet cafes and very importantly a large supermarket.

Riverside Drive Marina

On Riverside Drive is one kilometre from THE HUB where there are many quayside restaurants and cafes to enjoy. Riverside Drive Marina is a working marina with a hardstand and haul out facilities in the sheltered waters of the Hatea River. Riverside Drive Marina has been operating them since 1976. Blending know-how and experience together, the team offer a comfortable, affordable home base for your stay in New Zealand. Reservations are accepted for those wanting to plan ahead.

Convenient on-site marine services, floating berths, numerous marina amenities, and a short walk to town making the decision to stay at RDM an easy choice. For many yachting people, it is the place to make boat repairs and re-energize before continuing their sea-bound journeys.

Marsden Cove Marina

Marsden Cove Marina resides in the centre of the Marsden Cove canal housing development, found just inside the entrance of the picturesque Whangarei Harbour.

The Marina’s extensive facilities include a world class 230 berth Marina, complete with customs services, fuel dock, a range of waterfront retail facilities and Northland’s most popular public boat ramp. The unique marine based development is ideal for water and boating activities as it has complete tidal access to and from the marina.

The Greater Marsden Point Area is distinctive for its Pacific coastline, where Bream Bay extends for 22 kilometres of white-sand beach. The Bay includes native reserve islands - the Hen and Chicken Islands and Sail Rock. West of Marsden Point, the area extends into the sheltered waters of Whangarei Harbour.

The lands of the Greater Marsden Point Area are unusually flat and open terrain, in stark contrast to the towering tree-covered cliffs of Mount Manaia, which rise 403 metres above sea level just across the Harbour on the northern entrance. Easy access to beaches and recreational fishing grounds, with a climate of warm summers and mild winters, make the area a popular holiday spot and residential location.