Claphams Clock Museum Whangarei

Claphams Clock Museum

The Hub and town basin in Whangarei has really great accessibility, I really like to visit The Hub as part of my mobility scooter trip around the Hatea Loop, while on this trip I sometimes visit the Claphams Clock Museum which has recently undergone some renovations. I visited the clock museum before and after the renovations, I am very happy to say accessibility has not been compromised, there are a lot of breakable things here so great care is needed, with a bit of careful maneuvering a mobility scooter or a wheelchair is able to gain access, turn your speed down and go slow it is quite tight but so many clocks you will have time to look, the clock museum has toilets including an accessible mobility toilet, the toilet is not big enough for the scooter but you can still get close enough. You may need to reverse out, but to be fair the toilets are for wheelchairs and wheelchairs would have no issue.

So the overall accessibility of the Claphams clock museum is excellent and the staff are always excellent.