Whangarei CBD

Whangarei CBD

Whangarei CBD is struggling but the Whangarei District Council is working to make the CBD more lively as part of a plan to upgrade the central city.

The aim is to make the city a more friendly, comfortable, safe and vibrant place for residents and visitors. A new laneway will also start to improve the link between the Central Business District and the Town Basin by creating a pedestrian-friendly environment along James Street. Work to date has seen a new pedestrian-friendly layout extending from the Cameron Street Mall, around the corner to James Street, and another block along Cameron Street to John Street.

The new design includes new paving, street furniture, plantings and an elevated stage around the existing Melia tree in the Mall.

A narrow one-way traffic calming lane allows people to drive through the shared space. The construction of an attractive and futuristic canopy that covers the intersection of Cameron Street Mall and James Street to creates an all-weather space. Council has been looking at a number of ideas to improve and connect the Cameron Street Mall to the Town Basin. The overall aim is to enable people to move safely between and enjoy, these two areas. A transparent canopy has been installed over the Cameron Street and James Street intersection. This will create an environment where people can enjoy the CBD in all-weather.

The Whangarei CBD has a large range of shops and cafés restaurants and bars most main clothing brands are represented
within the Whangarei CBD, Most parts of the CBD are covered by Free Wi-Fi services that provide a unique forum for
communication and entertainment through the medium of public internet access. It targets CBD locations frequented by business
travellers, tourists and the general public that use PDA’s, smartphones or laptops.

Just some of the shops you can find in the CBD
Autograph - Caroline Eve - Cotton On - Factory
Glassons - Inferno - Jay Jay’s - Just Jeans
Jeans West - Kathmandu - Malletts - Max - Merric - Millers One Seven - Overland - Pagani - Rebel Sport - Santreno Shanton - Supre - Smiths Sports Shoes _Wild Poppy

Hundertwasser Art Centre Whangarei